Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make Salt Dough Gift Toppers

Use a variety of cookie cutters to experiment

Gift Topper Tutorial at Miss P Blog

"I'll let you in on a little secret. These were meant to go on our tree. But I liked them so much atop brown parcel paper and tied with bright red ribbon, that they're going to decorate our Christmas gifts this year instead! (Although I might still whip up a few for the tree as they're super quick to do) I had originally planned to paint and glaze them too. But the natural texture and colour was telling me to leave them be. "We're perfectly fine as we are thankyou". That's what they told me after 2 snowballs and a mini bottle of Rose wine gifted to me by one of my Avon customers...What? It was my birthday at the weekend. I'm allowed! Yep, 38 years and still not feeling remotely "grown up".... Read more


  1. Very cute I think they make great gift decorations.

  2. adorable like that there on gifts, gives them a little extra and they can hang it on there tree!!!