Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make Christmas Candy Bag

Make as a quick Christmas party favour

Christmas Bag Tutorial at What's Mummy Up To Blog

"We've been helping to arrange a regular BBQ dinner at our church as a social activity for those with young families, and last weekend was the last one for the year.  Even though it's still only November, hubby and I decided that perhaps we should make this one feel a bit Chrismassy.  My hubby came home one day and suggested that "we" go to Spotlight and get some "red material" so that "we" could make some Santa Sack lolly bags for the kids.  After I had a little chuckle, I responded that "I" would be happy to go and get the fabric and "I" would be happy to make the bags.  Still, it was his idea, and he organized the rest of the evening, so I s'pose he can have some credit too!  Love you babe!!  Anyway, I went and bought red felt by the metre (instead of the small craft felt squares).  I was surprised at how cost effective this was.  I also bought some ribbon, and some gold-coloured fine cord".... Read more

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  1. what a cute and simple idea, thanks to your hubby,lol, I'll have to do this for next year!!!