Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make an Expandable Photo Box

I remember making one of these at a Scrap Book Conference

Photo Box Tutorial at Craft Cravings Blog

"Happy Monday. Yes, it’s Monday again. Lame!  Today’s photos have a little bit of an ugly lighting issue. By the time I finished the project, a bunch of clouds rolled in and we’re  expecting rain tonight. I may go back and re-take some of these photos, but they aren’t too bad, I’m just being picky. Anyway, back to the project. This little exploding box is easy to make and it makes a great little gift! I made one for my mother for mother’s day last year in purples and greens. It had photos of all three of her kids. Each “level” of the box had photos of us at different ages. Level one was baby, level two was “older kid” and third level was more recent pictures. She really liked it and I know you guys will too. It’s so fun and depending on what type of paper you use, you can make it for any occasion".... Read more

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