Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Coffee Brewing Bag

Make a frugal individual cup of coffee

Brewing Bag Tutorial at Make the Best of Everything Blog

"I love waking up about 45 minutes before I know my son wakes up, I like to go downstairs where it is quiet and drink a small cup of coffee before the chaos of my day starts.  I also tend to love coffee in the afternoon.  When I am trying to survive a crazy day I often warm up another 1/2 cup of coffee to refocus on everything I need to do.  ( On a REALLY crazy day, I might end up in the Starbucks drive through)  Most of my immediate family and my husband’s immediate family shares my love ( need) for coffee.  But I have several good friends that don’t drink coffee at ALL.  AT ALL!  These people don’t even own a coffee pot!  A DIY Coffee Brewing Bag is a great thing to bring with you to places that might not have coffee. And they are easy to make".... Read more

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