Monday, August 5, 2013

Tutorial - How to Shorten Sleeves with a Cuff

This alteration is not as complicated as you might think

Cuff Tutorial at Threading My Way Blog

"I was lucky enough to be given a man's slim fit, cotton Calibre shirt in a small size. Although it's been well worn, the only signs of slight wear are across the shoulders. I want to keep it as a shirt, mainly to be worn in Summer to protect me from the sun, but also maybe to dress it up and wear under a blazer. As it's to be worn in Summer, I want the shirt to be loose fitting. It's a little wide across the shoulders, but I can live with that. I'm hoping that shortening the sleeves is the only alteration I need to make. Cuffed sleeves have an opening that extends past the cuff. To be able to shorten the sleeves and still have a cuff, the amount of fabric you cut off has to be less than the opening, so that there will still be an opening after the cuff is reattached. Without the opening, it may be too tight to go over the hand. You could, of course, redo the opening entirely, but I haven't covered that today. Here's how I shortened the sleeves".... Read more

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