Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make Fondant Daisies

Perfect for Summertime parties

DaisyTutorial at Cake Whiz Blog

"Two years ago when I first delved into cake decorating, the ONLY flower I could successfully make was a DAISY.  Any other flower that I ATTEMPTED to make would result in some creepy mutation. I still remember trying to make a darn rose in my cake decorating class.  And honestly, I don't recall ever being so FRUSTRATED as I was that day! LOL!  But thankfully, daisies WEREN'T that challenging.  So naturally, when I started blogging...the first flower tutorial I shared was for a daisy. But, the pictures were so freakin HIDEOUS that I doubt anyone even found that tutorial helpful. So, I have RE-DONE the tutorial with much better picture".... Read more

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