Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Backpack Goodie Bag

Kids will love this happy goodie bag

Goodie Bag Tutorial at Stubbornly Crafty Blog

"Trace the pattern pieces onto your felt and cut them out (one full pattern and one that is cut off at the dotted line). You’ll also need to cut out 2 strips of felt measuring 1.5″x3″ and one measuring 1 3/4″x17.5″. Cut two 5-inch strips from your ribbon. Take your two strips of felt (1.5″x3″) and fold them in half. Draw a line down the center. Take your main backpack piece and fold the flap down. Pin the strips 3/4″ inch down, pinning through your middle line. Sew them down".... Read more

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