Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Peacock Necklace

Air dry clay makes this easy and fun

Necklace Tutorial at Hobby Crafts Blog

"today i came up with the air dry clay necklace it will be suitable for kids cute little girls..this necklace makes them look more special .i like the peacock feather so much and want to use the shape as possible as in most of the arts n crafts. Its so much fun playing with clay can make any shapes out of it and also this air dry clay doesn’t need baking just make the shapes desired and leave them overnight to dry thin colour  and use .For extra gloss we can use gloss medium or varnish.   Now moving on to the tutorial will gather all the supplied needed..its simple to do and fun too".... Read more


  1. am so happy..Thank you for featuring my tutorial..

  2. Thank you for submitting your tutorial Radhika. It is always fun to feature a new blogger.