Monday, September 30, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Pressing Glove

Use your hand as a guide for the size of glove you make

Pressing Glove Tutorial at Serger Pepper Blog
"This is the last one of the Pressing Tools DIY Series I'm going to show you, by now.  It's a little bit different from the others two I wrote about and shared FREE patterns (the Tailor's Ham and the Sausage Roll), because you can use it to press seams where you can't reach with the others, wearing it on your iron-free hand.  I was always burning my fingers and I was tired of it, so I took an old ironing clothes, the ones with one silvery side and the other of light foam rubber used to press on the table, some fabric remnants and drawn a pattern (that you can download for FREE or just eyeball and draw freehand"... Read more

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