Monday, November 25, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Turkey Magnet
Cute magnet celebrates Thanksgiving

Magnet Tutorial at The Constant Crafter Blog

"Instructions:  1. Body: Flatten a 5/8” brown ball into a 1 ¼” long oval.  2. Eyes: Flatten two 1/8” white balls into teardrops. Press onto body. Pupils: Roll two 3/32” black balls and press one onto each eye.  3. Beak: Roll a 3/16” yellow ball into a cone shape. Use a knife to cut beak in half only going half way down. Press onto body under eyes.  4. Wings: Flatten two 3/16” brown balls into teardrops. Use the toothpick to make three lines in the widest end. Press onto each side of the body".... Read more

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