Monday, February 17, 2014

Tutorial - How to Crochet a Circle Cuff
If you can single crochet you basically know all you need to know to make this bracelet

Tutorial at Reese Dixon Blog

"The idea for this bracelet has been cooking away in my brain for nearly two years, always getting bumped down the priority list for other things that seemed more important than decorating my arm. But a new friend I made at CHA made me put myself first for a change. I met Michelle from Simplicity at a blogger party where I was wearing my crocheted necklace, and she instantly recognized those little circles (apparently they’re actually called cabones) as coming from her company. I met up with her at the tradeshow the next day and we were hugging like long time friends and she gave me all kinds of great stuff under the condition that I make something great with them. So here I am, keeping my promise, getting this project out of my head after all this time".... Read more

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