Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Keyring from an Eraser

Find a fun eraser, like this iphone design, and make a keyring

Tutorial at Creative Khadija Blog

"Making fun stuff with little ordinary things is always an enjoyable part of my crafty job. I enjoy creating these little fun things with a small effort. Its always fun to try these because ordinary things makes me happy, in one of my previous post, I was sharing with you about the random visit when I was at a book store & I have got some little things from there. My today’s fun creation is also among one of those things. I made a keyring with an eraser which was designed as an iPhone. As I am a big fan of all these smart gadgets, so I thought to create something crafty with this. And its making was not something difficult or tricky thing.. it was totally easy and fun".... Read more

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