Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Little Treat Bags
Many bags can be made in a short time

Tutorial at Straight Grain Blog

"In Belgium, people traditionally give what they call sugar beans to family and friends when a baby is born. These sugar-coated almonds and/or chocolates are presented in little boxes, bags, jars, or what-not, and typically have the same theme, lay-out and colors as the birth announcement.  Most people will fill the boxes/jars/bags themselves a few months or weeks before the birth, and some also make them themselves. A typical question to ask a mom-to-be in her third trimester is 'Are you all set with the sugar beans yet?'.   For Ava's birth, I thought it'd be fun to sew little bags myself. I had to make about 100 pieces, though, so it had to be a fast project. But it also had to be stylish. So I started thinking of a way to make a bag with nicely finished edges (no pinking shears!) without having to fold in, press, and stitch the top edges of 100 bags. I ended up with this technique".... Read more

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