Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Prop Up Tablet Case
Custom fit to cover any size tablet with a prop-up stand built into the flap

Tutorial at The Inspired Wren Blog

"I love my Kindle. It's the best thing ever. I can throw it into my big tote and take a library of books with me wherever I go. As a known introvert, one of my favorite activities is taking myself out to lunch with a good book. Before, when I got to the table and dug my Kindle out, I used to have to brush off all the crumbs and junk from my tote (I really should clean that out), then I'd have to figure out what to prop it on so I could read hands-free: the ketchup bottle, the sugar packet holder, maybe a napkin roll if the waiter left an extra one on the table. I needed an envelope case. And I needed a portable stand".... Read more