Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Stencil

Using an electric stencil cutter and Mylar sheet

Tutorial at Serendipitini Blog

"In my work with making coasters I had to change how I made the coasters from stamped in permanent ink to stenciled and fired in a kiln due to the fact that my tile supplier stopped carrying the stone tile I was using. Because I make so many different dog breed designs, I wanted to find a way to quickly cut stencils.  The cheapest way is to use an X-acto knife on a plastic stencil sheet. All you do is trace the design onto the plastic with a permanent or you can place a line drawing of the design under the plastic sheet and cut on top of it. Make sure to put protective cardboard or a cutting board beneath your work and work on a sturdy table. The draw back of this is it is tedious and it is difficult to cut fine lines. You may cut past corners by mistake".... Read more

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