Friday, May 16, 2014

Tutorial - How to Unravel a Sweater to Upcycle Yarn
Easy steps to reclaim yarn for another project

Tutorial at Green Issues by Agy Blog

"We had our first yarnbombing meet at the Singapore Science Centre on May Day. I  must admit I was rather nervous as I have never done guerilla knitting before!  We had a good turn out considering it was a public holiday. Considering the extreme weather we have been experiencing, we will be yarnbombing the apatosaurus in our next meet on 24 May, 10am. - it will be a good opportunity to tell the kids about climate change...So since I started the yarnbombing, I have been scrummaging around my stash for some yarn scraps.  I needed to make 4x4 inch granny patches for the apatosaurus's scarf. I decided to unravel an old top that I had crocheted many years ago".... Read more

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