Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tutorial - Recycled Jean Accessory Organizer
Hanging accessory organizer is decorated with paint, needle felting, and studs

Tutorial at Joyful Daisy Blog

"Hats off to my mom for this original design!  I had fun doing all the embellishments on the pockets and hanger but the overall ingenious design for this hanging accessory organizer featuring the screen for earrings, recycled belt loops for scarves, recycled jean buttons for necklaces, and recycled denim pockets and zippers for bracelets, sunglasses, and shoes was all her!  She wakes up thinking of this stuff!  So thanks mom, for including me on this truly awesome recycled jean accessory organizer and letting me share it with Joyful Daisy readers :)  Time to have fun and get organized in style".... Read more

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