Friday, November 28, 2014

Tutorial - Jute Twine Garland with Bells
Use garland to decorate a tree, a mantle, etc.

Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"I was in a fabric store recently and there was a video showing how to finger crochet or knit.  I often get the two techniques confused.  Anyway, while looking at the video, a light bulb went off in a weird sort of way for me to try to make a garland out of twine using a slipknot. I know, a slipknot!  After getting home, I pulled out my very large roll of jute twine and started making slipknots.  I first tied a knot on one end and then basically tied a knot to form a loop and continued tying knots with loops. This sounds a bit cray cray, but a cute little pattern of loops was forming and I liked how it was looking".... Read more

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  1. I love it - must search out the string and have a go! Thanks for sharing x