Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tutorial - Tips for Instant Iron Ons
How to Apply Iron-On Transfers, with photos and step by step

Tutorial at Crafty Lawyer Blog

"Sometimes I like to use ready made iron-ons for a quick fix on the shirts I sew for the kids.  I get the iron-ons from Amazon or sometimes Jo Anns.   At first, my transfers did not stick to the shirt, or looked faded.  After doing quite a bit of them, I realized I had some tips that might help others to get a clean and dark iron-on transfer.   Of course the preferred and easiest way of applying iron-ons is with a  heat-press machine.  Sadly, because of budgeting issues  (or lack of a budget) I'm not going to get a heat-press anytime soon.  So these are applied with a regular iron" Read more

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