Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Serger Cover
Make it lined or unlined, and add your own design elements

Tutorial at So Sew Easy Blog

"Here in Cayman I live right on the sea and the air is always humid and salty.  Anything and everything in the house rusts and disintegrates in no time, and my serger is no exception.  It’s already going rusty, and I think my sewing machine is in bad shape too.  I’m not sure a cover will help, because the air all around it is what’s causing the rust, but I have to try to protect it better if I can. So I drafted up a simple pattern.  There are two options.  Either make a lining to cover up your inside seams, or leave it unlined – up to you.  My fabric stash is small and precious to me so I’m making mine without the lining, but instructions are included it you want to make yours pretty on the inside too".... Read more

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