Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tutorial - How to Weave a Foam Basket
A way to spread the arrival and joy of spring

Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"As a child I loved May 1st and all the fun activities held on that day at school.  I especially loved dressing in white, dancing and wrapping the maypole. Unfortunately, I don't think today's kids experience any of those fun activities.  I just recently learned of another spring tradition from the past - of making baskets, filling them with fresh spring flowers or treats and anonymously placing them on neighbors' doorsteps in celebration of spring.   I like the idea of making baskets, filling them with flowers, fresh or not, and giving them to friends and loved ones to spread the joys of spring. For this, I have an easy adorable basket to make - one that can get kids or adults involved by helping weave their very own May Day basket using foam sheets, poster board, hot glue or super glue and scissors".... Read more

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