Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tutorial - Make Donut Stickers with Labels

Cute stickers that are fun to make

Tutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog

"I really enjoy a good donut.  I even enjoy a not-so-good gas station donut.  I'm not picky.  I think about them often, especially at work because donuts happen to be a frequent visitor in the staff lounge.  Since I stopped eating gluten, this has become distressing for me.  Seriously, I don't know who keeps bringing them but you need to stop. Do these reinforcement labels ever conjure up the image of donuts for you?  No? Is it just me?  I've always entertained the idea of sketching some pink frosting and a scattering of sprinkles on them, and today I did just that!  Now, donut stickers aren't as good as the real thing buuuut they're gluten free and super cute, so that's a win".... Read more

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