Monday, January 18, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Doll Size Suitcase
Quick and easy recycle project for a doll fan in your life

Tutorial at XOXO Grandma Blog

"Excuse the long absence, it has been quite the winter! We were on the road for the holidays and then had I had a little mishap on the ice while shoveling snow. It concluded with my left arm in a cast and a minor surgery to hold the bones together. Not exactly how I envisioned starting 2016. What I had envisioned, though, was more cute, easy projects like this... so let's get this fun started and pretend that ice doesn't exist. At least for a few minutes. I found these two cute little tins at a thrift store and knew they'd make the perfect doll accessory. So, let me show you how I turned them into vintage looking travel cases.  You're going to love this project because it's super easy to make".... Read more

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