Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tutorial - Sew an Easy and Cute Dog Pillow

A perfect pillow for a child's room

Tutorial at Sew Toy Blog

"Why have I decided to start a year with sewing  a decorative dog pillow? Well, dear friends, I am so excited! We got a new family member right after Christmas, a puppy! His name is Bobi, and he is a mixed breed dog, partially Labrador, partially Golden retriever and partially … well unknown. He is dark as night and only has a white spot on his chest. He is very smart and he is learning fast. Who would have guessed, that a cat lady since forever would ever own a dog! Therefore, I am starting this year with creating something inspired by this cute little creature living together with us in the house now – a dog pillow for my son’s room".... Read more

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