Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make an Orange Peel Candle

Burns for about 30 minutes

Candle Tutorial at Eliza K Prints Blog

"I've been wanting to make one of these for awhile so I was very elated and excited to find out my boyfriend (independent of me) decided to find a tutorial online and make one himself. He was under the impression it would make the entire house smell like oranges, and since our house usually smells less pleasant than oranges, he set about making the candle with extra zeal".... Read more


  1. I tried this from another site some one posted them..They didn't work for us and when I posted that, they didn't work a few others said they didn't work either.I was disappointed after all the trouble I went to and what a waste of extra virgin olive oil....

  2. Nice candle, to be used for candle light dinner, your idea is just loveable, just planning to try it out this Sunday, hope that idea will really work, and will enjoy the dinner in a different style.
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  3. thanks for sharing.