Monday, September 2, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Ruched T-Shirt

Refashion a T-shirt into a flattering and versatile ruched top

Ruched T-Shirt Tutorial at Mabey She Made It Blog

"You may have seen this shirt floating around on Pinterest before, and if you look closely you might recognize it as mine. I am going to start moving over a few of my better posts and tutorials so they’re all together (and updating some of them to be more helpful and descriptive). I hope you enjoy seeing them for the first time (if you’re new) or again.  There are a lot of upcycled tee tutorials out there, but I haven’t seen one  like my ruched-t-shirt. This shirt is awesome on any body shape as it’s really forgiving and hides problem spots. I even used it as a maternity shirt".... Read more

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