Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Lumberjack Swants

How to make sweater-pants from a button-down sweater

Tutorial at Diary of a MadMama

"After scouring through my sweater stash, I found this awesome lumberjack-looking sweater coat and thought it would make a fetching pair of Swants. Now I know that I’m being a bit untraditional in that my “sweater” is more of a jacket or blazer, but I loved the print and decided it would just have to do.  It’s made of 90% wool, which makes it very warm, and 10% nylon, which gives it just enough stretch to make a very comfortable pair of pants. For any of you who’ve seen the original Swant tutorial created by Stephen West of Westknits, you’ll know that I’m going to have to make mine a bit differently since my “sweater” (if you will), isn’t a pullover".... Read more

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