Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tutorial - Repurpose a Basket into a Serving Tray

Paint, fabric, and a stencil transform a basket into an attractive tray

Tutorial at Borei by Design Blog

"I'm all about upcycling.  I was upcycling & repurposing WAY before upcycling & repurposing was cool. There's all kinds of diamonds in the rough out there just waiting to be discovered at yard sales and thrift stores. There is nothing I enjoy more than the challenge of taking someone's castoff and turning it into a unique and cherished treasure.  Serving trays make a fantastic decorative item. You can top a tray with a stack of vintage books, figurines, small vase with flower or wherever your imagination takes you to make an interesting coffee table or other display. I've been wanting to do a decorative tray for a while".... Read more

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