Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Healthy Mint Milkshake
Recipe for a Breakfast Shamrock Shake

Tutorial at Chicago Jogger Blog

"To celebrate the new month of March {my birthday month!} and the upcoming Irish holiday in a few weeks, I have a healthy new green breakfast "milkshake" to share. Yes, green for shamrock. Can you guess what this recipe is a a copycat of? The Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, of course. The last time I had a Shamrock Shake was back in college. I remember driving around town with a friend one night in late March when an ice cream craving hit to find a McDonald's still serving the green treat. We eventually found one, but the shake wasn't as good as I remembered - it wasn't minty and had a weird soupy texture - and I haven't had another one since".... Read more

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