Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tutorial - Turmeric Dyed Ombre Yarn

Use natural turmeric to add beautiful golden ombre tones to a ball of yarn

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"In the past I’ve used tea & Coffee to dye clothes. I’ve been meaning to try turmeric as a dye for aaaages. Then this week when I was “playing” with some yarn for an upcoming project (which btw worked out really well and I think you’re gonna love!!) I figured I might as well use the turmeric on some yarn instead to guage the process and see if I liked it before committing it to a garment. Well, I like it alot! What’s more it’s so easy to do. If you have some plain yarn at home that is in need of a little more zing….this could be just the ticket".... Read more

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