Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tutorial - Repurpose Game Pieces for a Dollhouse
Ideas for using game pieces in a miniature dollhouse as accessories and decor

Tutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog

"Calico Critter house DIYs was the most popular search for my blog in 2015.  This post is all about doing just that with pieces from board games. Last night Patrick and I took my niece to this adorable toy store downtown called Poor Richard's.  As you can probably imagine, she loved everything about it and, in the expected two-year old fashion, wanted all of the toys. Thankfully, we avoided a meltdown when she found this charming little bunny Calico Critter and named it Ewok. Now, she's only two so I doubt she has any idea what an Ewok is. I most likely misunderstood her trying to say something else, but the name Ewok is going to stick because it's funny".... Read more

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